The Last Bloom : The Fall

Every night, I dreamed of Suvo.
Except that, the face had begun changing.
Except that, new face seemed familiar, yet I could not identify the face.
Except that, the face remained concealed in the same lavender misty haze, which enveloped the hills. All I could hear was the sonorous voice, the heavy footsteps and sense the perspicacity of profound thoughts.
My dreams carried me to unknown lands, obscured by amethyst hued foggy wilderness. The rhododendrons set the hills ablaze. The meadows were inundated with the enchanting blooms of the Alpine flora. Light could never leave the hills with the presence of such magnificent scarlet blossoms, which readily replaced the amber hue of the sun. It was a splendid sight. The crimson sunset, the fleeting clouds, the whispering indolent waft radiated their cumulative mystifying silhouette against the mountainous terrain.
We walked along the woody wilds. The disobedient draft swept past through my rough strands. From the corner of my eyes, I saw amber bellied mountain squirrels run past the road playing hide and seek with their partners. The multi-coloured cheerful sunbirds sang unknown melodies in the wind as they flew past my ears………


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